Worship With Us

Central worships at 10:45 on Sunday mornings. Our worship style is traditional that takes place in our sanctuary located on the second floor. We follow the traditional United Methodist order with congregational hymns, liturgies, choir led music, special music, and a sermon. The pastor leads worship with the help of a lay member as the liturgist. Members help serve communion, greet one another, and serve as ushers and acolytes.


The architects designed Central UMC to accommodate a large pipe organ. The church began looking for an organ once the building was finished. In the meantime, a grand piano was used. Central did not obtain an organ until 1935 because of the financial difficulties of the new church. When the Riviera Theater removed its Wurlitzer pipe organ, a church member had it repaired and installed in the sanctuary. The current pipe organ at Central UMC arrived in 1958. M.P. Möller Company installed their Opus 9089. The instrument reflects organ building practices of this era, particularly the practices of M.P. Möller. The Möller installation was completed very professionally, and is still providing the church dependable service.

The organ consists of three manuals, 35 stops and 42 ranks spread over five divisions: great, swell, choir, pedal, and antiphonal. The organ is placed for speaking into the large sanctuary. The main organ speaks directly into the nave. The antiphonal organ speaks to the rear window and is more of an echo organ. The swell, choir, and antiphonal divisions are enclosed meaning the volume of these divisions is controlled by shutters opening and closing.